Gulf Coast Growers
and Landscaping

My name is Mitchell Loner.  I have been designing beautiful gardens on Galveston Island for 10 years.  My love of plants goes back to a childhood spent in fire heated greenhouses of the midwest.  I learned how to cultivate plants and diagnose disease.  I began my career 20 years ago installing landscapes.  The one thing that they lacked was the lush beauty of the subtropics.

My love of the Texas coast has driven me to learn everything about growing conditions here.  I have successfully installed and developed some of the most beautiful gardens on the island. At Gulf Coast Growers and Landscaping we offer solutions to the challenge of growing in our  coastal environment.

Along with my wife, Robin, we have created a tried and true salt tolerant list to suit the harsh west island environment.  Using a combination of native plants and tropical beauties we can provide the perfect garden for your location. 


Welcome to My World of Plants